The Brainx product is based on AI and Neural Network in which is brain will learn anything in nano second while uploading the software to the brain cell.

Other details will be updated later as we progressing

Brainx's system consists of a computer chip attached to tiny flexible threads stitched into the brain by a 'sewing-machine-like' robot. The robot removes a small chunk of the skull, connects the thread-like electrodes to certain areas of the brain, stitches up the hole and the only visible remains is a scar left behind from the incision. this procedure will take just 30 minutes, will not require general anaesthesia, and patients will be able to return home on the same day. The brain consists of special cells called neurons that transmit signals to other cells in the body, like our muscles and nerves. The electrodes of the brainx chip are able to read these signals, which are then translated into motor controls. This could control external technologies, such as computers or smartphones, or bodily functions, like muscle movement.